Our Services

Our family has been serving your family for more than 100 years and we are still as deeply committed to our community now as we were then. Over the years, many things have changed but as an independently owned and operated business, the one thing that hasn’t changed is our continued family dedicated service to Pelham and the surrounding communities.

ln the last few years, pre-arranging your funeral has become an important part of estate planning. There are several options and choices to be decided upon in pre-planning one’s funeral and because of those options, every funeral is unique in its own way.

Please call to find out all we offer, and allow us to personalize your own pre-arrangements.  We are a full service funeral home, with many options to suit the unique needs of yourself or your family member.  Lampman Funeral Home also carries a full line of merchandise and floral tributes.

Trusted and caring, each member of our team of dedicated professionals takes pride in the care they provide.

Service Pre-Arrangements

Pre-emptively planning for your, or a loved one’s funeral allows room for one’s wishes to be fully realized. It provides you with the closure of knowing that a funeral service is being carried out exactly as hoped.

In the event of a sudden passing, a pre-planned service relieves you or someone you care about from the stress that goes into planning a thoughtful day of honour. Taking the time to put your affairs in order today saves you a lot of grief in the already hard days to come.

Burial Service

There is a lot more to the burial service than merely deciding a beautiful place to lay your loved one down to rest. Instead, it’s a wholly customizable service that makes way for creativity and personal wishes.

We work with you to find a package that so perfectly encompasses what you had envisioned for the day, and honours the exact way that you, and those around you, wanted in order to celebrate a beautiful life. No matter the burial service that you choose, we work within our best efforts to fulfill your desires.

Floral Tributes

Paying tribute to your loved one with a beautiful arrangement of flowers can be the perfect way to illustrate their colourful life. Flowers continue to be an optimal expression of sympathy, bereavement, and condolences in the time of loss.

At Lampman Funeral Home, we provide floral tribute services for those who prefer the simplicity of handling everything in one place. We work closely with you to accurately determine the exactitude of your wants and needs when planning floral tributes and arrangements.